The Shatter PAC endorsement process for November 2022 candidates is OPEN. If you are a candidate, or know of one, please email shatterpac@gmail.com to request an application for endorsement. The application period for general elections will close on July 31.


“Shatter PAC is the first of its kind in SLO County, supporting women running for office and working for a positive and just future. I am honored to be among the initial group of women to receive their endorsement.”

Jen Ford
Moro Bay City Council Candidate

“When we consider our local elected leaders, what we see is a serious lack of representation that stands as a glaring mismatch to Sacramento’s communities – to date only 14 women have served on Sacramento’s City Council since the city was incorporated 171 years ago. I am honored to be endorsed by Shatter PAC, an organization dedicated to creating a community of women leaders who break barriers, and a diverse group of local women leaders, who also seek to create transformative social change for our community every day. I am ready to get to work for this city, uplifting all community voices.”

Caity Maple
Sacramento City Councilmember Candidate

“Thank you, Shatter PAC, for your endorsement and support of my campaign for Superior Court Judge! I am honored to be supported by such strong, encouraging, thoughtful women. You have my word that I will pay it forward and hold the door open for all people who come behind me.”

Erin Childs
Superior Court Judge of SLO County Candidate

“Thank you, Shatter PAC, for putting your trust in me. As a councilmember, teacher, and mom I am proud to have the support of Shatter PAC – an organization working to shatter glass ceilings and open doors. Together we will make great change, and open up opportunities, for people across AD30 and all of California.”

Dawn Addis
State Assembly District 30 Candidate

“Shatter PAC’s endorsement is more than a political nod; it is encouragement for women candidates to joyfully lean into their passions and leadership and make a positive difference now, for the children, for each other and for the planet. This endorsement greatly inspires me and I am honored to pursue our collective goals.”

Dawn Ortiz-Legg
District 3 SLO County Supervisor Candidate