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Electing Women who Shatter Glass Ceilings and Open Doors

Shatter PAC is building a community of women leaders who break barriers, challenge norms and continue to smash the patriarchy.

About Us

Founded in 2021, Shatter PAC is the very first organization formed to support Democratic women candidates in San Luis Obispo County. Shatter PAC supports women candidates who champion reproductive freedom, social justice, economic prosperity, environmental protection, and women-friendly policy. Together, we are building a more equitable Central Coast.


Membership – Welcome to The Shatter PAC Club!

As a member, you are helping to shatter the barriers that stand in the way of women to successfully run for office. The Club celebrates all Shatter PAC’s supporters who contribute anywhere from $10 a month to $1,000 a year or more! The membership comes with perks, such as a members-only quarterly newsletter, discounted tickets to our events for you and your guests, and access to special members-only events.

the Door

$100/year or $10/month, for at least one full year

the Ladder

$250/year or $25/month, for at least one full year

the Glass Ceiling

$500/year or $45/month, for at least one full year

the Patriarchy

$1,000/year or $85/month, for at least one full year.

BECOME a 2024
Election Champion

$2,024/year or $175/month, for at least one full year

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